The Story So Far

Eccentrics is a progressive rock/metal band that is the brain child of Aman Hassan.

Aman Hassan is a guitar player and composer from Pakistan.

He is an alumnus of the Musicians Institute in Hollywood California, holds a masters certificate in Arranging and Orchestration from Berklee College Of Music, and he has successfully finished his BA Honours degree in Creative Music Performance from Falmouth University which was in collaboration with Detroit Institute Of Music Education.

Aman has had several teachers throughout his course of study and the notable ones are:
Antti Kotikoski, Dale Turner, Jamie Kamie, and Martin Goulding.

Aman is currently busy working on the Eccentrics debut album. The album is in the pre-production phase and is slated for a release somewhere in 2018.

 Two tracks have already been released as guitar play-throughs on youtube. Those two tracks will also be reworked for the album. 

The album is instrumental in nature and is also very experimental. The goal behind the music is to be technically challenging, yet melodic at the same time.

Aman hopes that Eccentrics becomes a complete band with a proper line up eventually.

Until that happens he will be working on the music by himself. 

Stay in tune for more news and updates.